From darkness to light,

Wondering why go to all the trouble,

If it only kicks me back double.

Sometimes I find it hard,

To go through it all for a fresh start.

Moved around so many times,

They just feel like huge climbs.

But I still feel the need,

To fight through.

I’ll beat it yes I do,

For a brighter future.

One foot in front of the other,

I am gonna bother.

Cause I am strong,

I can hold on.

Become better day by day,

Somewhere in the end I’ll be Okay.

I will find my way,

And make it to where I wanna be someday!


I am

Curious to know,

Shy to show.

Crazy to the top,

Normal till I drop.

Great to all I wan’t to reach,

Careful who I teach.

I wan’t to climb so high,

Right into the sky.

Be aware in time,

Not just be in the line,

Walk, run and shine.

Not to be brieve,

My goal is to archieve.

Always try your best,

Walk through life as if it were just a test.

Escape reality

Chapter 10

The Angel Queen,

When we walked into the cave we realized that we were very lucky to have escaped Magula the serpent snake. Now we have to search for the fifth crystal and hopefully make it back in time to save the ancient tree. Once we were a little bit further into the cave we decided to take a break as we were very tired. First a good nights sleep and then we would proceed our quest. It took a short time to fall asleep and in my dreams it was as if I heard a voice calling Eve find me. I woke up the next morning and told my dream to Quotar. We packed up our gear and pursued the way through the cave suddenly we saw it getting pretty dark as soon as we got out of the cave how strange it was only morning. Quotar heard something in the distance we better hide behind those bushes. When we looked through them we saw this beautiful mountain lion I wanted to approach him but Quotar stopped me I told him it will be all right. Slowly I approached the mountain lion and I wasn’t even afraid as she walked to me. There she was standing in front of me and the I could hear her Eve you have to help my Angel Queen she is captured by the dark nights please help me. I signed to my men that is was safe and they approached slowly. The mountain lion also known as Silveride told us that as long as the angel queen remained captured everything would remain dark as she was the key of the light.We would follow the mountain lion and help her save her queen. We had to walk for at least another hour and there was a place that looked like an ancient castle we hid and talked about the best way to enter the castle. Our friend told us she could carry me so we decided our men would pretend to be on the way and ask for some food and a place to stay. If they were distracted enough we would have a chance to get unseen into the castle through a side door. My men made a walk for the castle and knocked at the door and it opened a couple of dark knights asked what is it you seek and they answered food and a place to stay. The dark knights looked at each other looked at the men and let them in. As soon as they were in we made way for the side door we got there without being seen my heart was beating so fast. We entered the castle which was also very dark. Silveride knew they were holding Angel somewhere in a dungeon below in the castle. We saw a stairway and carefully started to go down hopefully the dark knights would be distracted enough by our men. There it was the end of the stairs we had to walk a little bit further and there was a corner we peeked around it and saw a guard in front of the door. I can take him Silveride assured me you can distract him first I will attack him from behind. So here I go howdy guard why don’t you look handsome in your gear. Where did you come from my lady well I am here with a group of men and were allowed to enter for food and a place to stay for the night but I got so bored upstairs so I took the stairway and there you were you handsome. He was like wax in my hands following my every move I got in front of him and started playing with my hair now he had only eyes for me. Then Silveride made his move with a couple of jumps he was behind him the guard turned but before he had a chance to get his sword Silveride knocked him out of conscious and I took the key from him to open the door. Wow what a bright light there she was the Angel Queen she was beautiful surrounded by the light. Come we have to be quick and we went up the stairs and out the side door through the bushes. Eve stop I need your help she took of her bracelet and put it in my hands Eve your the only one with a pure heart that can activate my bracelet again just clear your mind and think of all good. I concentrated and the bracelet started to glow I put it back around the Angel Queens arm. She put her hands together and everything surrounding us was taken over by the light even the castle turned to light it was beautiful she also told me every one was safe now cause as soon as the light appeared the dark nights also turned into light knights. Then she holds her hands in front of her heart and took out half of her heart unbelievable it changed and became the fifth crystal and then I saw Quotar and the men coming out of the castle they were unharmed. Quotar and I just smiled at each other it was a beautiful sight a last the final crystal.

Copyright Monica Pathuis

A new start

Soon a new start in a new place,

something new to embrace.

In search of more life quality,

and to start again with my hobby photography.

Living in a place where nature is at it’s best,

a way for me to be less stressed.

I can hardly wait to move,

and feel right at home in my new groove.

Getting new energy to write,

with a lot of positive possibilities in sight.

Copyright Monica Pathuis

Valentine’s day the day after

My love my everything,

the one that makes my heart sing.

Special from the day we met,

that first day after Valentine’s day I will never forget.

Even after all these years,

that moment still bring me to tears.

Tears of love and care,

Our first kiss that we shared.

It still tastes so sweet,

you swept me right of my feet.

Even now that we are older and this being our 13th anniversary of that day,

I can say you are still my number one,

On that day after Valentine’s day our two hearts united forever as one.

Copyright Monica Pathuis

Escape reality

Chapter nine,

Fighting Magula,

I came up with a plan Funghi and Dehli would distract the snake so we could get closer but first we made spears we had to have something to defend ourselves. The others made a fire and something to eat while we Quotar and me were working on the spears. There was a cave nearby were we took cover for the night after all the snake promised us 24 hours but just to be sure we were safe we took turns standing guard at the cave entrance. The next morning the sun woke us up and we gathered our things we went over the plan one last time and then we started hiking down the mountain again. We were walking for quite some time and then I heard something it was Funghi and Dehli they told us the serpent snake was further down. They moved on in front of us to distract him, we waited for about fifteen minutes before we followed I said to the others really quiet now otherwise it’ll hear us. We moved in soundlessly and through a couple of bushes we saw Magula had his attention on the tiny squirrels he wouldn’t hurt them they lived with the snake for as long as they could remember at least that’s what they told us. I took a step forwards and a little branch cracked under my foot Magula immediately turned his attention to us and I said charge. We run towards the snake and started throwing the spears but then arms were coming out of it’s body like Magula turned into a gigantic octopus. I yelled to the men pin down it’s arms but before we had all the arms pinned down Magula had one arm wrapped around Quotar he yelled Eve help I jumped on the serpent’s arm or should I say tentacle and stuck my spear in it’s tentacle Magula let go of Quotar and threw me off. The others ran to us and saw we only had some scrathes I got up and said attack. With the spears we had left we pinned Magula down I walked up to his face and Magula went sss you will never find it I told him guess again I ripped the leave like collar from his head finally there it was the fourth crystal hidden underneath the leaves. I just stared at it then I felt something pulling my arm it was Quotar we have to go Eve we don’t know how long the pins will hold. A little further we saw Funghi and Dehli again I asked them why don’t you come with us but they didn’t want to this was their home and Magula didn’t know they helped us so they were probably safe. Thank you for everything and give me a hug my little squirrels and stay safe. They ran off back to their offspring and to their home and we hurried getting of the mountain. When we were down we noticed a cave let’s take this way hopefully it will take us to the fifth crystal I see light in there let’s follow it.

Copyright Monica Pathuis